Rules for Smooth Functioning of Sangha Puja

Rules for Smooth Functioning of Sangha Puja
America Saraswata Sangha

We are a virtual sangha.  We rely heavily on voice network to stay connected during puja session. When we cannot see each other, we may not realize we may be disturbing everyone else in the call. Below are few points for the Sangha members to keep in mind while attending Sangha Puja Sessions.

  1.  Maintain discipline on the sangha puja conference bridge
  2.  Keep phone on mute when not performing seba
  3.  Perform seva from the gruhasana or sangha asana while sitting in front of Shri Shri Thakur
  4.  Read assigned books before the puja session
  5.  Practice songs before the puja session
  6.  Inform Sabhapati and Sampadaka if you are unable to attend a sangha puja session
  7.  If you are absent for three consecutive sangha puja sessions then your name will not be called in the Attendance. You will have to explain the absence and take permission from Sabhapati to resume attending sangha puja
  8.  Try to join the puja session from the beginning to the end