2016 Annual Day Celebration

2016 Annual Day was celebrated at Nigama Smruti Mandira with lot of excitement and joy. All near by bhai’s and Maa along with some bhaktas from north east joined this occasion in person.  Festivities started January 30th, Saturday evening with Adhibasa Puja & Sandhya Arati. It followed by invitation to Thakura for Sunday morning Sodasa Upachara Puja.  After evening puja all Decoration seva Maa’s and Bhai’s started giving final touch to Thakura’s Pandal. All other sevaka’s continued on their respective Sevas.

Sunday Morning all Bhai’s and Maa’s joined Sodasa Upachara puja over teleconference and webcast.

Gyan Bhai read 2016 annual report. Santosh Mohanty Bhai joined via teleconference to address the occasion and enlightened everyone with Nigama teachings, rest of the puja continued as per the program.

Puja finished with Bhava binimaya of bhakta’s and Jayaguru Nama Kirtana. Then after bhoga was offered to Sri sri Thakura  followed by prasad seva by all present  devotees.

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